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Nutrameg donates 50 thousand at Charity concert organized by Kristofs Blaus

Nutrameg co-founder Kristofs Blaus together with Entrepreneurs for Peace manager Laura Skrodele at the concert

On February 24, 2023, 385,000 euros were donated as part of the charity concert Tribute to Ukraine. 170 musicians performed at the concert and its main purpose was to collect donations to help Ukraine in the war against Russia. Both the musicians and the creative team of organizers organized the concert voluntarily and all donations will go to the Ukrainian army.


"We will not have a second chance to stop the war in Ukraine, we will not have a second life, we will not have a second chance to write this page of history. Thanks to everyone who has supported so far and continues to support. We continue to donate!" said Kristofs Blaus, co-founder of the Entrepreneurs for Peace Foundation and founder of Nutrameg.


Donation options from now on

In cooperation with, both during and after the concert, until April 1, 2023, anyone can donate to the support of Ukraine by calling the toll-free number 90006968 (4.27 EUR). Donations can also be made in the Mobilly app in the "Donations section" or by making a transfer to the account of Entrepreneurs for Peace: LV37HABA0551052837482


The concert was attended by Ukrainian artists Ivans Dorns and Constantine, Shipsea, Intars Busulis, Abonementa orchestra, GG Choir, Raimonds Tiguls, Cantus Fortis, Vestards Šimkus, Kaspars Zemītis, Daumants Kalniņš, Latvian Voices, Dagamba, The Sound Poets, Stanislavs Yudins and Asnate Rancāne. Tautumeitas, Carnival Youth, Goran Gora, Iļgi, RTU men's choir Gaudeamus, Pérkons, friends and supporters of Ukraine.


Director Inga Tropa, Jānis Strapcāns and Signe Nīgale, artist Krišs Salmanis, sound director Andris Ūze, Anna Brigadere, Edgars Sviklis and founders, friends and activists of Entrepreneurs for Peace Kristofs Blaus, Jānis Palkavnieks, Laura Skrodele and Ieva Driksna volunteered as part of the creators and creative team of the concert, Riga circus team and other friends and supporters of Ukraine.

Entrepreneurs Partners for Peace in Latvia are the Ministry of Defense, the National Armed Forces, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia,, Twitter Convoy and other humanitarian aid organizations.


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