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Healthtech jobs at Nutrameg

Healthcare technology job opportunities. If you want to help people live healthier and live longer – you are going to love being part of Nutrameg

Values we look for in our future team members

Systemic Thinking

We work with millions of users and billions of data points. We consider something accomplished only when its turned into a systematic and scalable business operation.

Drive to Learn

Nobody has been where we're going. We learn every day, so you have to love learning a lot. If you don't, best of luck elsewhere.

Brutal Honesty

We ask each other for critique and we want to hear what needs to be done better. No sugarcoating for each other. In the end, sugar is not so healthy in general.

See our open job opportunities

Gamification Product Owner

Do you know how to build motivating and rewarding user experience? You have extensive experience in the field of fantasy games and gamification or gambling. Come and lead the gamiciation of Nutrameg medical nutrition apps and help millions of people build healthy habits. Apply for a Gamification Product Owner at Nutrameg.

React Developer

If you are here, the chances are, you are a brilliant developer. You would love to work at a healthtech on patent pending technology, you would like learn from the best and the brightest (apply for an interview, you will be surprised what we can offer). We are working to make healthcare similar to videogames – as engaging and fun, but at the same time – medically justified and deeply helpful to the user. Developing health care apps for millions of people around the world – does that sound interesting enough for you? Yes, we are Nutrameg. Thats what we do every day. Except for when we party at mediterranean islands or elsewhere. Apply now and here you will always be at the top of the technology game.

Facebook Marketer

Are you a brilliant marketer? You love making new behavioral discoveries, you want to step up and manage millions in marketing budget. Connecting millions of people around the world to our healthcare apps – does that sound challenging enough for you? Yes, we are Nutrameg and thats what we do every day. Except for when we party at mediterranean islands or elsewhere. Apply now and here you will always be at the top of the advertising and behavioral science.


Why did you study healthcare… to help people, right? Become a nutritionist at Nutrameg and let your knowledge and ideas help millions of people worldwide. Research the brightest and most up to date concepts of healthcare. Here you will always be at the top of the health discoveries and science.

Junior Product Owner

Do you know whats a wireframe, have you worked with a CMS, drafted interface copies, looked up data in Google Analytics or other data analysis platforms, managed bigger or smaller technology projects? Are you interested in creating apps that can help every second adult in the world to deal with their health and save lives? If yes, apply for a Junior Product Owner at Nutrameg.

Benefits when you work at Nutrameg

The team are the owners – employee stock options

Paid ferry and airplane tickets on  vacations

Paid phone bill for work and personal use

Private health insurance and social insurance

Team events all over Europe

A loan from us for you new car (or house?)

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