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Nutrameg co-founds StartSchool - a Silicon Valley tech education program in Latvia launch April 18, 2024 – Anna Andersone, Kristofs Blaus, Kwame Yamgnane

The program is created in cooperation with Qwasar Silicon Valley the IT education program recognized in the USA, and its founders have committed to provide funding in the amount of 780 thousand euros for the first three years.

Students will have the opportunity to study a 12-month full-time technical program, which has been completed by more than 10 thousand students on four continents who work at Apple, Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Linkedin, Zoom or have created their own startups. The founders of the school were inspired by the experience of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, preparing highly competitive graduates who have achieved success in various industries.

The founders of StartSchool invite other supporters to join the initiative, their donations will make it possible to advance the competitiveness of Latvian technology business by supporting ideas with high potential.

"The idea of ​​a school, which has no analogues in the entire region, arose because we want to see Latvia as a rich country with many successful technology business leaders in our lifetime. We believe that the graduates will bring unprecedented levels of ability and success to the Latvian technology ecosystem."

says Kristofs Blaus, board member and co-founder of “StartSchool”.

The program is free, students only need to pay a small enrollment fee, proving their dedication to participate in the training. It is possible to apply for the program from April 22 to May 31 at, where additional information is also available. The program will start at the end of August 2024. The program is based on self-directed learning, hands-on skill development through writing code, and solving real-world problems. Accreditation of the program in Latvia is planned within the next few years.

Qwasar full stack developer curriculum is a comprehensive training program designed for students with no prior technical or programming experience. The curriculum is 9 to 15 months long and covers software applications, web page development, various programming languages ​​and frameworks such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and Python.


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