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Nutrameg and other tech startups launch 5 million EUR donation campaign for Ukraine. Join in!

To help Ukraine fight against Russia’s aggression and, in effect, safeguard the peace of the whole Europe, Latvia’s leading companies, upon the call of tech firms, unite in “Entrepreneurs for Peace”, a joint movement to launch a large-scale fundraising campaign with an aim to raise EUR 5 million in a couple of days to back Ukraine.

The help is needed now, and it is the private sector which can join its forces promptly to support values that Latvia holds dear — freedom, democracy, and the possibility to plan a safe future in the long term.

"A few days ago, Latvia’s people began raising donations for the Ukrainian nation. Now, it is every Latvian company’s duty to join in to send help to those suffering from the warfare in Ukraine and to help its army fight for their country’s independence.

The initial goal of the private sector is to raise at least 5 million euros.

We call on entrepreneurs to talk to their employees and cut all non-essential expenses to support Ukrainians in their fight for peace. It is Ukrainians who now with their lives safeguard the peace of the whole Europe — conditions in which we — entrepreneurs — may exist. It is our duty to help" say members of the “Entrepreneurs for Peace” movement.

We appeal to every entrepreneur to join in! A donation worth EUR 5 million is a goal we can easily reach, and that is just a start!

You may make donations to this account: IBAN LV32UNLA0050024322055 beneficiary: Riga TechGirls reg. No.: LV40008250980 description: UznemejiMieram

The euros donated by your company will help to provide food and medicine to those civilians, including children, who now remain in Ukraine.

🇺🇦 The euros donated by your company will help to take in refugee families in Latvia and bring them to safety.

🇺🇦 The euros donated by your company will help to back Ukrainian army and state authorities.

🇺🇦 The euros donated by your company will help to equip volunteers of the Ukraine’s National Guard more efficiently.

The support initiative has been developed by joining forces with the Ministry of Defence of Latvia, the Ukrainian Embassy, as well as Latvian NGOs and organizations providing international humanitarian aid,, a charity platform, and others, creating a comprehensive and coordinated support network able to provide the right help needed by the people of Ukraine affected by the warfare — a maximum targeted help meeting the current needs of Ukraine and its people.

Start-ups operate fast and efficiently on a daily basis, so this initiative has been launched to give Ukraine a helping hand at the time of crisis now and 24/7, facilitating quick, easy and targeted decision-making. The first assistance within the entrepreneurs’ campaign — donation of medical supplies — was prepared in a day and sent to Ukraine.

Our aim is to provide the necessary help in an organised and centralised manner, including voluntary work carried out not only in Riga and Latvia but also on the border. We appeal to everyone to join forces to be able to react and provide help quickly and efficiently for only together we are a force and only together we may act fast. Our initiative is aimed at long-term targeted support,” reveals Ieva Driksna, spokesperson for “Entrepreneurs for Peace”, calling on entrepreneurs to form a united front.

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