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Elīna Balode

Our co-founder Elīna is determined and passionate certified Chief Nutritionist who is on the mission to improve the lives of people through her work at a cutting-edge lifestyle and health-tech startup. 


With a background in nutrition science, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, as well as a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the world

Helps to live healthier

Elīna is responsible for the new innovations in the nutrition industry, executing the company's business strategy with revolutionary approaches and technology to help people live healthier and happier lives.


She is the one who works every day to improve products and overall user experience from a medical, scientific, and technical standpoint, by approaching every challenge with a positive attitude and commitment to making a difference. 

Makes changes that matter

She has been the driving force for change in Latvia - as a co-author of a patented nutritional methodology and founder of industry regulation, together with the Nutameg team, their digital medical consultations have been approved just as equivalent to an on-site specialist.

As a leader, Elīna was the one who wrote the substantive basis for the change in the law through which nutritional consultations on medical technology were recognized. This can be recognized as a historical turning point for the entire nutrition industry.

Shares the expertise

Elīna is a co-author of the Nutrameg snack book for children which inspires kids to take charge of their health and encourages parents to make a positive impact at the core of our future generations' lifestyle.

As part of her mission in doing so, together with the Nutrameg team, they have already donated 10 000 euros to the Children's Hospital kitchen to uphold its promise to help others. 

Lives by her own product

Not only has Elīna been an individual client consultant at Nutrameg for years, but she also started researching and developing products herself. She and the Nutrameg team believe in their technology and ideas so strongly that they actively provide support in any capacity they can.

Elīna accomplishes her mission and vision as she herself lives by her own product. She is an active advocate for healthy living, sharing her own knowledge and expertise through community outreach.

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Labs of Latvia

Nutrameg – a health tech startup from Latvia – has launched a special collaboration with the Children’s Clinical University Hospital (Children’s Hospital). Together with the Hospital’s dietary specialists, it has published a book of healthy snack recipes for kids and families.

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