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Let’s make the world healthy and fit.

Nutrameg is a healthtech startup developing patented nutrition technology for weight management and fitness used by millions of people worldwide.

Nutrition theme


overweight people studied by our team to build our weight management technology


personal weight management nutrition plans created by our team


every 20 seconds another user loses another kilogram


kilograms our users have already lost with apps created by our team

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Our goal is to be a global healthtech leader in weight control and nutrition with at least 100 million thankful users in the next 24 months.

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“Nutrition and weight issues are ancient as the world. We have new answers on how to deal with them!”

Thanks to a patented personal weight management technology and our nutritionists and trainers, we completely change the way people overcome weight problems.

Important facts

93% of users recommend our apps to their friends

our nutrition apps speak 20+ languages

6 million overweight people studied to create our technology

licenced EU medical institution and members of the world public health nutrition association

patented nutrition system

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How does it work?

Our patented nutrition tehnology creates precise individual, medically justified action plan for user to lose or gain weight, or build muscles.

Patented healthcare technology

The main advantage of our patented nutrition technology is that it analyses the effectiveness of different dietary plans, base conclusions on data and, as a result, gives each user the right action plan.

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Nutrition technology process

User fills out series of medically justified surveys

A personal weight management plan is prepared. Based on our research of 6 millions of overweight people

User is monitored by our patented algorithm and our certified medics

User gets healthier, feels better physically and mentally, builds muscle or loses weight

What else is important

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