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Kristofs Blaus

Nutrameg co-founder Kristofs Blaus is a visionary leader and an accomplished entrepreneur. For many, he is an example of life itself. As a successful entrepreneur, Kristofs is at the forefront of business strategy development and is a co-founder of Nutrameg.

He is a driving force for numerous other organizations, one of his most disruptive initiatives being the portal, which has gained recognition around the world for increasing and allowing a way for all social groups and young Latvians to think about participation as well as have a say in political events.

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Kristofs makes positive impact on the future

Kristofs Blaus has made a significant impact in the business world and inspired countless others to do the same. He is appreciated for his innovative ideas and strategic vision, as he has made it into the Forbes "30 under 30" list, awarded with the Order of the Three Stars by the President of Latvia, and in 2014, Kristofs received an award from the New Europe 100 organisation as one of the 100 brightest minds in Europe.

He is always ahead of the curve, spotting trends and developing new projects which are the true testaments to his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the future.

Sets an example to entrepreneurs

He is not only an accomplished entrepreneur but also a role model for businesspeople everywhere. He is known for his ambitious spirit as he frequently participates as a mentor to advise young entrepreneurs and takes part also as a mentor for Riga TechGirls.

Kristofs has made an indelible mark in the world and continues to influence the future generation of entrepreneurs because he is also known for various charitable movements such as active participation in support of those in crisis. He has always demonstrated a unique ability to identify opportunities and bring his vision to life.


Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Kristofs Blaus and his Nutrameg team have a strong focus to help billions of people in our lifetime, thriving to create a healthy society from an early age. To support this vision, Nutrameg teamed up with a children's hospital to produce a book of healthy recipes.

The company's and Kristofs' mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by developing a personalised digital tool and for that reason, Nutrameg donated 10 000 euros to the Children's Hospital for improving the technical equipment of the Children's Hospital kitchen.

Balances social responsibility & business

Alongside that, he is strongly determined for both his professional and personal achievements. Kristofs Blaus is a socially responsible businessman, an activist in the business community, and has always done a lot of things outside of Nutrameg.

This goes to show you that the company is not only well organized but sufficiently autonomous as there is still time in the matter for having the ability to balance a thriving business with a commitment to social responsibility and an adventurous spirit.


Co-founder and board member at

Kristofs Blaus with friends from the startup communicity has co-founded and actively serves as a member of board at – a new free technology education insitution in Latvia. 

StartSchool is here to transform Latvia into a global tech powerhouse. On our 12 month full time program you will learn the ins-and-outs of full stack development, as well as practical business knowledge, so you can launch your own startup or build great tech products!

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