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Varbūt ir pienācis laiks mainīt pasauli.

Pievienojieties Nutrameg komandai un ļaujiet strādāt, lai cilvēki dzīvotu veselīgāk un ilgāk. Ļauj izveidot visefektīvāko veiksmīgo tehnoloģiju pasaulē. 


Why did you study healthcare… to help people, right? Become a nutritionist at Nutrameg and let your knowledge and ideas help millions of people worldwide. Research the brightest and most up to date concepts of healthcare. Here you will always be at the top of the health discoveries and science.

We create research based, medically justified concepts to help people deal with health challenges like overweight, underweight, diabetes. We team up with technology people to develop healthcare solutions that serve the needs of millions. Our dream is to help 1 billion people in our lifetime.

Ko tu darīsi

  • Develop healthcare content like nutrition plans, healthy lifestyle insights, recommendations etc.

  • Research the most up to date nutrition concepts and participate in creation of outstanding healthcare solutions

  • Research healthy and unhealthy habits and contribute ideas to build engaging and successful healthcare apps

  • Participate in charity projects making content and live presentations for schools, hospitals – about healthy lifestyle

  • Motivational communication with users – to listen, to support, to motivate them to pursue the dream of healthy lifestyle

Pretendenta prasības

  • Nutritionist diploma of Bachelor degree or higher

  • You're fluent in English (at least in writing)

  • Positive and "can do!" attitude towards unknown territories


Depending on your experience , qualifications and performance 1100 EUR – 1900 EUR GROSS

Ieguvumi, strādājot uzņēmumā Nutrameg

The team are the owners – employee stock options

Paid ferry and airplane tickets on vacations

Private health insurance and social insurance

Paid phone bill for work and personal use

A loan from us for you new car (or house?)

Team events all over Europe

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