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Edgars Kokins

Our CEO, Edgars is an enthusiastic leader who leads the powerful Nutrameg team, drawing on his experience from working in 20+ countries across the world.

Edgars is proof that youth is no barrier to reaching career heights at the international level. He can be proud of many impressive figures in his professional experience - one of them being responsible for nine different loan markets, ranging from Northern and Central Europe to the Caucasus and the Balkans.

Adapts to any environment

Edgars has experience working in different cultures and in a variety of setups, showcasing his diverse skill set and ability to adapt to any environment.


His acquired knowledge applies to his position at Nutrameg, as he is the one who brings to life the team's ideas and dreams.

Focuses on results 

Edgars has a strong track record of both business turnaround and launches, as well as building capable teams from scratch.

With an unwavering focus and commitment on financial performance, he has consistently delivered results, improved the bottom line, and increased profitability at many companies. He has brought many improvements to the Nutrameg team.

A brilliant analytical mind and admirable determination are reflected in his education. Edgars graduated with distinction from the leading business school in the region - the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. 

This achievement proves that he has a strong understanding of business and economics, as well as the ability to apply critical thinking and analytical skills to solve complex problems.


Edgars cares not only about the company he works for and the clients whose daily lives he makes easier, but also about the business environment in general.


He is actively involved in initiatives aimed at improving it. One example is a letter to the Parliament, written together with other Latvian start-ups, to ask the Parliament to reconsider the agreement and to support the allocation of EUR 400 000 to the Ministry of Economics for the development of the start-up sector.

Strives for excellence everywhere
Improves the business environment 
Passionate about living healthy

The choice to work for a company that empowers people to live healthier is not accidental in Edgars' case as it represents his own life perfectly. 


Being born and raised in a family of doctors and having played football in the U-16 division, he knows how valuable of a resource good health is, hence making him an even more valuable part of the Nutrameg team.

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